Key Staff:

SMH Adil

Adil is a Built Environment Simulation Specialist he has 13 years of research, consultancy, training experience in Energy simulation, modeling and Design fields. Besides this he has served as a visiting faculty in School of Planning and Architecture ITO New Delhi, ISHRAE Education Research Foundation, Middle East Centre for Sustainable Development (UAE) and Jamia Millia University. He also authored and published research papers in national and international conferences in the related fields. He is one of the founding members of IBPSA (I) International Building Performance Simulation Association - India chapter.
He did his Mechanical Engineering from Jamia University and a post graduate degree in "Energy and Environmental Management" with specialization of Energy System Modeling, from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.
He serves FIRE DYNAMICS in the position of Principal for the organization, beside his consultancy and research engagement with other bodies and institutions. His active engagement and interest includes simulation of built environments for energy optimisation, comfort and life safety.
His building performance work portfolio revolves around Building Energy Modeling for appendix G ASHRAE 90.1 compliance and calibrated energy simulation for existing buildings, virtual testing of automation system logics (EMS) and design assistance in passive Architecture for carbon neutral design.
Additionally, he uses extensive computational fluid dynamics techniques for simulation of air flow, thermal, micro climate and IAQ situations. Other building performance optimization includes data acquisition, continuous/green building commissioning for green building certification, Building Thermography and Energy Audits. Further, his life safety work portfolio includes Fire/Smoke Modeling for NFPA Tenability compliance, Evacuation and agent based egress simulations for buildings and transit spaces. He is an ardent programmer and carries on his scientific computing and software development side by side for work efficiency and process optimisations.


Abdullah Nisar Siddiqui

Abdullah is a registered architect with council of architecture India. He is an Indian Green Building Council Accredited Professional (IGBC AP) and a certified GRIHA Trainer and Evaluator. He is having a passion with scientific computing and built environment modeling studies. He is currently pursuing his masters in architecture with a focus on simulation of built environment. He is an ardent user of FDS + EVAC frame work, with understanding of NFPA fire codes.